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When using the services of a packing and moving company, you should familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions. The rates quoted by the company are not fixed, and the rates may change depending on the items that you order. Moreover, the moving rate may be higher or lower than the quoted rate if you order more than the stipulated amount. Therefore, if you have a larger order, you should check what we are packing and if you have any special requirements.

1. Moving rates aren’t fixed-it depends on your items

If you’re planning to move locally, you may want to look at flat rate movers, who charge based on a fixed dollar amount per hour. However, these companies may not record all of your items, and they may have done a virtual walkthrough. In either case, the cost of moving will be higher. In addition, you’ll have to pay the movers for each hour of labour, which can add up quickly.

2. Transit insurance is mandatory for getting the claim if any mishap happens

When moving, it is important to get moving insurance to protect your assets. These insurance policies usually provide limited coverage and can cost upwards of a thousand dollars. You can also purchase additional coverage for storage, though it is important to keep track of the amount of storage space that you have because you might need to make a claim for missing or damaged items. If you plan to use your own storage facility, consider purchasing transit insurance to cover the cost of storage as well. Moving insurance is highly recommended when moving long distances, but you should be very careful when choosing which policy to get. Check the fine print carefully as different companies will have different policies. If the packing and moving company you’re hiring offers this type of insurance, make sure to read the fine print and ask for an original bill. Be aware that transit insurance is not comprehensive, and it may not cover your valuables or perishable items.

3. Our Moving Company Take Full Payments Before Delivery Of Items.

Many people wonder how to avoid the dreaded “No Credit” policy of Our Moving Company. While you may be able to pay part of the cost once your items are packed and ready to move, you must always pay the full amount before your items are delivered. Listed below are some of the possible situations in which a moving company would not be able to accept a credit card before the goods are delivered.

i. You Must Pay Fully Before Delivery Of Goods

Does Our Moving Company Take Full Payments Before Delivery of Goods? Yes, but you should always pay your moving company before they begin any work. Most reliable movers allow you to pay by credit card or by check. However, paying by check is not as safe as paying with a credit card, since you may end up unable to cash it or have to pay a chargeback. A credit card payment also leaves a paper trail that can be used as proof in case you need to dispute your payment later.

ii. We Do Not Give Credit For Packing Shifting services

Most moving companies will charge you for the packing and loading of your belongings. However, there are many extenuating circumstances that may change this cost and the total time it will take. The weight of some items, for example, may require more men to move them. These additional men will be added to your bill. The company will also not drive on your private property to move your items. Therefore, be sure to ask for a written quote before hiring the company.

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